Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Love Letter

Haha this is ridiculous! i had an Indonesian task last week. Pak Agus forced us to write a love letter themed separation . Basicly, a couple separated by their belief.

-------------SO... I WROTE THESE WORDS *LOL ------------------

to someone who is always on my mind ....
Hi, how are you? I wish you could through your day well, not as bad as mine. my life is a mess without you. I tried to write this simple letter to express how much i miss you . I tried to make these words to express it. But ... These words still not enough to tell you that i miss you so damn.
Today my day has turned into blue without you. Words of love that often we say is no longer heard. if this is a dream, this dream is my worst dream ever!!! . and if I have awoken from this dream, I would not dare to fall asleep anymore.
Oil and water ... earth and sky .. always being separated and attached to very long distance. as bad as ours, which are separated by our own belief. .
I'll try to forget you, though very tormenting. it's not easy for me to forget the one who always makes me laugh, angry, and fell in love. but i have to try, try, and try though sometimes i have to fall . I hope this is the best. And I hope you will find someone better , someday"

Yap.. more or less like that. i cant remember some parts of this letter. i swear this letter was dedicated for someone i dont know . Sorry, if my grammar's sucks. i tried to translate it in english so everybody can read it :)